Quality Assurance

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Quality Assurance

Elevation Direct is committed to exceeding customer expectations.  Our Quality Management System (QMS) integrates management processes that embrace Quality Assurance (QA) and continuous process improvement activities that yield superior results.  A robust QMS is supported by a comprehensive system of internal audits and management reviews, consistently recognized by our customers as yielding a higher standard of quality than any they have experienced in the past. In developing and delivering customer products and services, Elevation Direct utilizes a systematic process of checking to see if a product or service being developed is meeting specific requirements. Our Q/A team consistently increases customer confidence and our credibility, improves work processes and efficiency, and enables our clients to better compete in the marketplace by catching defects before they reach the final product. Keys to our project quality include:

  • Completion of the project on time and on budget.
  • Deliver all components of the project as specified in the Requirements Document.
  • CMM Level defined quality processes
  • Continuously monitoring the project to track time and cost.
  • Progress review reports are submitted on a weekly basis.
  • Strict change control management process.
  • Specific testing requirements are identified during the Requirement Analysis.

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