Why Elevation Direct


Elevation Direct’s competitive advantage is built on the idea that we go beyond delivering generic technical solutions at a better price. Our people are fiercely competitive and we aren’t shy about it. While we do provide solutions at a highly competitive price–our leadership, our development teams and our delivery systems are all competing daily to provide the international marketplace with innovative business software solutions that are simply better than our competition. While others are out there talking about how they are better we are busy delivering results that prove it.
At Elevation Direct we don’t just strive to be different. We work closely with our clients to develop unique business solutions that actually make a difference to the way your business operates and, ultimately, to your bottom line. Innovation means being passionate about leveraging tomorrow’s technology for today’s clients. We are constantly seeking business applications to connect to our in-house technical excellence. This dynamic combination allows Elevation Direct to consistently exceed client expectations.
Elevation Direct doesn’t create cookie cutter solutions to support volume sales. While we do provide off-the-shelf software and training for almost every business need, Elevation Direct’s mission is to develop innovative solutions that turn your business challenges into business solutions. For every new project, Elevation Direct researches, evaluates and hand picks a solution to meet your business needs and then tailors the solution to your specific business need. Business solutions available to you includes a Sales Suite for Intelligent Selling, a Corporate Training Catalogue and an extensive Service Suite including SAP and Big Data.
Elevation Direct helps a range of companies and organizations to answer business needs and operate more effectively. Over just the past three years, Elevation Direct has supported an international utility company, a U.S. federal agency and numerous Fortune 500 companies and healthcare companies to provide better service and care to their customers. The Elevation Direct Service Suite connects to industry verticals that includes aerospace, retail, education and manufacturing. Our corporate leadership and our technical and development teams are recruited so with these industry verticals in mind so that we can provide an ever increasing level of exceptional service to our customers.
Elevation Direct’s leadership team includes industry executives, seasoned architects and key advisers with real-world experience with SAP, Oracle and Fortune 500 companies. This means that when you engage us to support your business, we aren’t guessing about your needs but, instead, our senior consultants understand what it takes to solve your most pressing problems because we’ve been in the field. We’ve walked in your shoes. As industry leaders, we’ve actually dealt with systems that don’t work and we understand how processes like workflow, HR, sales and distribution need to be improved so your bottom line is improved.
Elevation Direct prides itself on the ability of its teams—including architects, project managers and programmers—to work together effectively. C-level leadership is actively engaged as most are former industry executives and understand the importance of strong collaboration. With Elevation Direct working in multiple time zones, it is imperative that our teams constantly strive to work together so that communication with our clients and with each other is continuously improving. Beyond effective collaboration between teams, there is an esprit de corps amongst Elevation Direct employees that results in a level of excellence, loyalty and fellowship not typically seen in other companies. We don’t just hire people to fill work orders. We build teams that solve problems together.
At Elevation Direct, we try not to overuse the words “track record” but since our official incorporation in 2014, we’ve built a record of success with clients all over the world and a growing footprint in the marketplace. While we don’t hide our successes, Elevation Direct project managers and directors focus on distilling the very best parts so that future clients can benefit from a successful project. Our Team is consistently noticed for its superior performance, reliability, and service to worldwide clients worldwide in energy, healthcare and government, to name a few. To us, the most successful project is one where the client’s business issue is transformed into a business solution that has a positive impact on the bottom line.
Elevation Direct’s Rapid Prototyping & Solution Delivery process is a benefit of working with Elevation Direct and another example of how we think outside-the-box to provide you with tailored solutions that work. A Rapid Prototype minimizes risk by quickly delivering a Proof of Concept (POC) and allowing the development team time to make changes and gather user feedback before scaling a working version to your enterprise. This saves potentially millions of dollars in cost overruns and changes. Elevation Direct doesn’t rest on its past laurels but is always searching for ways to deliver creative solutions that not only help your bottom line after deployment but ideas that keep your development costs lower.
At the end of the day, Elevation Direct’s unique value proposition is its ability to rapidly develop business solutions that integrate cutting edge software applications with our technical excellence. We don’t build everything from the ground up, but, like dogs that won’t stop hunting, we are constantly looking for either the next cutting edge application or a higher level of technical excellence. We also share. We share our expertise and build it right into the business solutions that make the lives of our clients easier. Easier to do payroll, easier to track sales, easier to take care of patients—easier to do just about everything. We can’t wait to share with your company.